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Md. Israfil Pk. (ISRAFIL RATAN)

Graphic design is one of the most diverse and solicited subjects of fine arts. In today's social, economic, cultural, political and every other practical context the necessity of Graphic Design is inevitable. Whatever we do in our personal or professional life, it must have an artistic representation. For artistic presentation, promotion and publicizing of any product Graphic Design plays the most vital role. So, this subject is important from both practical and aesthetic point of views.

For unique, creative and artistic design composition - a graphic designer must have strong grammatical and theoretical base of this subject. Department of Graphic Design, Faculty of Fine Art, Dhaka University is working on educating graphic designers of national and international standard since 1948.

Department of Graphic Design, Dhaka University offers Bachelor of Fine Art Honours (4 years), Masters of Fine Art (2 years) and PhD programs.

In today's global context planning and developing curriculum of world standard is a very challenging work. Then, through continuous assessment - addition and deletion of various courses and topics to ensure professional skill development is a more challenging, complex and difficult task. However, to maintain the standard that Department of Graphic Design has always maintained since its beginning, and to provide all the facilities of modern global context, we have taken this challenge happily.

Md. Israfil Pk

Chairman & Associate Professor

Department of Graphic Design

University of Dhaka