"Printmaking" is a language for the modern-artist which can helps them to reconstruct reality from his private experience. This language encompasses a number of categories that descried the process used: Relief Process, Intaglio Process (Etching, Drypoint etc), Planographic Process (Lithograph, Plotography etc), Offset Monotype and Monoprint. Department of printmaking established in 1948 as a Graphic Art Department. This name has been changed as “Printmaking Department” in 1978. After 2008 when Charukala became a Faculty of the Dhaka University, form the time. Now it is established as a well known Department of Printmaking, Faculty of Fine Art, Dhaka University. From the beginning of the establishment of Fine Art (1948) Mr. Shafiuddin Ahmed, Mr. Habibur Rahman and Syed Ali Ahsan were engaged as a teacher of this Department. Before that time, all of them were engaged as a teacher of Calcutta Govt. Art College. Later on, after coming back to Japan. Mr. Mohammad kibria joined in this Printmaking Department (1962). Notably indigenous artist Mohammad kibria were engaged in Department of Drawing and Painting (1954-1961) before that time coming back to Japan he joined in this Printmaking Department. After joining as a Professor emeritus he was associated as Honorable personality to till death.