Geodesy and Geoinformatics (G&G) Lab

The department has a well-equipped lab designed to carry out remote sensing and GIS teaching and research activities. It has 35 high-performance PCs with ArcMap, ENVI and Erdas Imagine software connected to a network server. This lab also utilizes open-source tools like QGIS and makes use of the cloud computing environment like Google Earth Engine (GEE). In addition, utilization of numerous programming languages like R, python etc to perform geospatial and image analysis is also being carried out. These provide the ideal learning environment for the undergraduate students and research tools to the graduate students and the faculty members. The lab supports the RS/GIS lab course need of the students and has dedicated hardware and software for the research activities of the students and faculty. Moreover, this lab also supports the educational and research activities of the DIA lab, Geohazard Lab, Climate Change & Environmental Pollution Lab, Hydro- and Hydro-meteorological Hazard Lab where spatial/observational analysis is essential.

The department is also in the process of procuring an RTK total station system, a high-performance hexacopter drone system and a drone-mounted hyperspectral/multispectral and a LIDAR sensor.