Welcome to Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CoETL)

The strategic plan of Teaching and Learning, calls for “focus on student success by creating an environment of world-class teaching and learning.” The University of Dhaka has decided to achieve specified goal by establishing a “Center for Teaching and Learning Committed to support faculty and staff in improving the excellence of teaching and Learning.” CoELT are not essentially anticipated to be present within a single department but could be based across subject ,department, faculty or institutional boundaries. There has to be a high degree of flexibility in the CoETL structure. Within one institution same component of CoETL can exist across several disciplines. Also across a number of institutions but with a single component of CoETL can exist across several disciplines. Also across a number of institutions but with a single component focus CoETL can be same.

Teaching success is the first, minimum, and indispensable requirement for faculty. Effective teaching undividable from a quality learning environment. In the hunt for enhancing the quality of our academic environment, the center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at University of Dhaka, we are committed to pleasing and encouraging the ability of our faculty to each well, to find ways to improve the learning process, and to provide support, train staff, and introduce mentor concept.

We are interested in to have demonstrative effect on the implementation of innovations in teaching and learning, active learning,student engagement, learning outcomes, student success and student retention. We aim to pair the knowledge gathered from individuals with pedagogical tools to create outstanding milestones for teachers who could be excellent in all forms of pedagogy. Exceptional teaching is based on introductory columns. Students prefer tutors who prepare their class lectures using technology efficiently, create dynamic learning environments, create learning models which engage students in the classroom as a community. Further, the instructors would eventually learn to design and put into practice assessment processes to validate these teaching methodologies. The Center of Teaching and Learning initiative will take in hand challenges by supporting various pedagogical elements and taking on learning practices to document achievement and drive the curricular improvement process.