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Dr. Md. Azharul Islam

Welcome to the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology (DECP) at the University of Dhaka—a thriving hub of professional excellence dedicated to cultivating highly skilled professionals grounded in scientific knowledge and ethical practices, all geared towards providing top-notch mental health services. Since its inception in 2011 as an integral part of the Faculty of Biological Sciences, DECP has been a beacon of education, offering esteemed degree programs in Masters, MPhil, and Ph.D. levels within Educational Psychology and Counselling Psychology.

Our meticulously designed curriculum is a testament to our commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice, catering to the ever-evolving needs of society. Within the walls of our department, students engage in enriching interactions with our erudite faculty members, fostering a vibrant learning environment. Our dedicated office staff are always ready to assist and ensure a warm and welcoming experience for all.

Graduates of DECP have made their mark, securing prestigious positions in government bodies and esteemed educational institutions, healthcare facilities, clinics, and prominent non-governmental organizations, both nationally and internationally.

At present, DECP proudly hosts the MIndWell Lab, a dynamic research centre delving into the realms of autobiographical memory, identity, and mental health. Additionally, our department boasts an active play lab and a family and couple counselling clinic, offering invaluable practical experiences to our students.

Under the umbrella of psychological services, DECP extends a helping hand to individuals and couples, providing psychological assessments and offering family therapy services to those in need. We regularly organize workshops, symposiums, conferences, and training programs addressing a wide array of psychological issues, aiming to reach out to our community. Furthermore, we actively collaborate with governmental bodies and non-governmental organizations to enhance the professional capacity of their personnel.

Notably, DECP at the University of Dhaka has consistently upheld its reputation as a pioneering advocate for psychological well-being during times of national crisis. During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our department stepped up to provide free tele/online psychological support to individuals grappling with a myriad of mental health challenges.

We extend our warmest welcome to you as you explore the enriching journey of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, research, and service, striving for excellence in mental health and education.