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Zinnatul Borak

I welcome you to the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, a place of professional community where we are committed to building skilled manpower based on scientific knowledge and practice aiming to deliver ethical and standard mental health services. Since its establishment in 2011 under the Faculty of Biological Sciences, the department has been offering professional degrees in Masters, MPhil and PhD in the field of Educational Psychology and Counselling Psychology.

Our curriculum focuses on the integration of practice and research and is tailored to meet the demands of society. Moreover, students relish intensive interaction with erudite faculty members. Also, the cordial office staffs are always willing to serve.

Graduates from the department have been securing highly prestigious posts not only in government organizations but also in major educational institutions, hospitals, clinics, and in the leading non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad.

The department offers individual and couple counselling, psychological assessment services, and family therapy to those in need. Workshops, symposiums, conferences and training programs are organized regularly on various psychological issues to reach the community. Additionally, the department supports GOs and NGOs in the capacity development of their personnel.

Moreover, the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at the University of Dhaka maintained its supremacy by being a pioneering actor in responding to psychological wellbeing in times of national crisis. In this unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic, the department offered free tele/online psychological support to people suffering from a variety of mental challenges.