Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Dilara Zahid

Disaster, Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience, Disaster Preparedness, Child Protection in Emergency, Global Protocol on Disaster, Climate Change, Environment and Development related to Disaster Management

Dr. Khondoker Mokaddam Hossain

Climate Change, Disaster management, Forestry, Demography, Development and Policy Formation

Dr. Mahbuba Nasreen

Disaster, Climate Change, Gender, Sustainable Development, Environment, Education

Md. Abul Kalam Azad

Disaster Risk Reduction, Social-Ecological Systems (SESs) and Disaster Resilience (DR), Eco-system based DRR, Climate Change and Disaster Governance, Livelihood and Vulnerability, Gender and Development, Social Policy and Development, Environmental and Disaster Economics, Disaster Diplomacy and Humanitarian Aid, Climate change (in)justice and (in)equity

Md. Khalid Hasan (On Study Leave)

Disaster and Environmental Management, Climate Change

Bivuti Bhushan Sikder

Resilience and Deep Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Aided Decision Making Science, Science Based Climate Policymaking and Adaptation Strategies, Economics of Climate Crises, Climate Science and Anthropogenic Climate Crisis

Monishankar Sarkar (On Study Leave)

Poverty, Hunger, Inequality, Disaster, Development, Democracy and Governance

Shamima Prodhan

Urban Water Use, Urban Disaster, Climate change adaptation and Mitigation, Ecosystem and Biodiversity

Md. Juel Mia

Digital Humanities, Health Communication, Disaster Governance, Communication Geography, Spatial Analysis, Disaster Communication

Muhammad Awfa Islam

Humanitarian Crisis and Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Mitigation, Sustainable Development, Disaster Resilience, Eco-system Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Environmental Management, Climate Governance, Political Economy of Climate Change

Musabber Ali Chisty (On Study Leave)

Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Flood Risk Management, Risk and Vulnerability Analysis, Human-environment interaction, Human geography, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis