Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Mohammed Mizanur Rahman

Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Separation Sciences, Environmental analytical chemistry

Dr. Md. Abdul Mottalib

Medicinal Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Sobur Ahmed

Leather Engineering

Uttam Kumar Roy

Supply Chain Management, Waste recycle process, Recycle energy from waste, Environmental Pollution Control, Production process and Product Design & Development


Leather and Allied Engineering, Photocatalysis, Chemistry and Bioscience

Dr. Fatema-Tuj-Zohra

Leather and Leather Products Engineering

Umme Habiba Bodrun Naher

Leather, Leather Products, and Footwear

Salahuddin Haowlader

Biomedical Physics, Instrumentation,Physics Education., Biomechanics, Motion analysis, Footwear

Md. Rayhanul Islam

Machine learning and Data Mining, Software Engineering

Md. Rashed-Ul-Islam

Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental Remediation

Mahabubur Rahman Khan

Actuarial Science, Finance Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling in Biological Science, Differential Geometry, Stochastic Analysis and Modelling.

Md. Abdul Moktadir

Operations research, Industry 4.0, Supply chain performance measurement, Green supply chain management, Sustainable supply chain management, Supply chain risk management, Reverse logistics, Corporate social responsibility, Big data analytics, Circular economy, Waste-to-Energy

Md. Amjad Hossain

Environmental Chemistry, Material Science and Nano-chemistry, Leather Chemistry

Dr. Manjushree Chowdhury

Treatment of Leather Industrial waste Water and Solid Waste ( Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Approaches)

Md. Rayhan Sarker

Supply Chain Sustainability, Sustainable Manufacturing, Wastes Management, Operations Management, Footwear

Razia Sultana

Supply Chain Management, Risk Assessment, Solid Waste Management, Tannery Effluent Treatment

Md. Abdus Shabur

Mechanical Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering

Md. Jawad Hasan

Leather Engineering and Technology

Md. Ariful Islam

Leather and allied industry solid waste utilization, Bio-composite material, Nanoparticle

Md. Samaul Alam

Leather Biotechnology, Microbiology, Enzymology, Bacteriology, Fermentation Technology, Nano-Technology, Leather solid waste management, Leather effluent treatment technology, Leather processing technology

Mysha Maliha

Multicriteria decision analysis, Biomaterial, Supply chain management, Green Technology, Circular economy, Sustainability, Sustainable packaging material

Sajneen Akter Munmun

electrospun nanofibrous mat, enzymology, biomaterials, polymers, biomedical application and leather solid waste management