Research Area

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin

Psychometrics, School Psychology, Interpersonal Acceptance-Rejection, etc.

Dr. Afroza Hossain

Social Psychology, Gender Psychology, Educational Psychology, Industrial Psychology School Psychology

Dr. Aeysha Sultana

Personality and Social psychology, Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Counselling

Syed Tanveer Rahman

Family Studies, Industrial Psychology, Memory, Psychological Tests and Measurement, Research Methods and Statistics, Positive Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology

Maleka Pervin

Mental Health Professionals’ Attitudes towards Evidence Based Practice and usage of Evidence Based Practices for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bangladesh

Dr. Akib Ul Huque

Mental health

Md. Salim Hossain

Sleep Deprivation, Music Healing, Industrial Psychology, Behavioural Insight, DiDRM, Executive Coaching & Motivational Interview

Bipasha Singha (on study leave in Japan)

Environmental Psychology

Chhanda Karmaker (on study leave in UK)

Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

Ishrat Shahnaz (on study leave in UK)

Behavioral Psychology, Child Development, Addiction Psychology, Education of Exceptional Children, Social Development, Psychology of adolescence, Psychometric Analysis

Rumana Ferdousi Siddique

Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive neuroscience, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology

Mollika Roy

Cognitive psychology, Educational psychology, Experimental Psychology, Industrial psychology, Social psychology, Abnormal psychology

Fariea Bakul