Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Shaila Sharmeen

Colonialism, Technology and Society, Issues of Identity focusing on Marginalization and Exclusion of different people, Gender and Social inequalities, Resource Management, Politics of Development, Ethnicity, Culture Studies

Dr. Md. Saifur Rashid

Migration, Natural Resource Management, Visual studies, Heritage, Ethnicity

Hasan A. Shafie

Anthropology, Anthropology of Climate Change

Dr. Farhana Begum

Social Exclusion and Vulnerable Group, Gender and Development, Indigenous Medicine, Political Economy of Health and Illness, International Health, Reproductive Health, Medical Anthropology

Dr. Md. Rafiul Islam

Ethnicity and Identity Politics, Economic Anthropology, Applied and Development Anthropology, International Development

Dr. S. M. Arif Mahmud

Ethnic Studies, Indigenous Knowledge and Natural Resource Management, Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Urban and Rural Community Studies, Demography, Identity Politics, Marginalization and Exclusion of Different Groups, Education Research, Poverty, Human Rights and Development Studies, Climate Change Resilience Studies

Nasima Sultana

Urban poverty, Rural economy, Kinship, Methodological issues, Theory, Development and Underdevelopment, Issues related to public health

Dr. Zobaida Nasreen

Sexuality and gender Construction, Vulnerable groups, Social Exclusion, Violence, Conflict, Youth, Migration

Dr. Kazi Shahedul Halim

Urban Anthropology, Fundamentalism in the Era of Globalization

Fahmid Al Zaid

Literary Anthropology, Post-colonial Studies, Ethnicity and Nationalism, Anthropology of Development, Critical Agrarian Studies, Ecological Anthropology

Dr. Mohammad Tareq Hasan

Social Marginalization and the Production of Inequalities, Egalitarianism, Economic Anthropology; Anthropology of Political Economy; Anthropology of Work; Anthropology of Labour

Tahura Enam Navile

Ethnicity, Gender, Medical Anthropology

Miss. Rahnuma Ayesha Siddiqua

Anthropology of Energy and Society, Migration and Refugee Crisis, Public Health Anthropology, Social Capital, Network and Trust, Anthropology of Forestry and Environment, Anthropology of Development